About Us

Capital Canvas is a Canadian company specializing in high-quality, durable canvas wall tents, prospector tents, glamping tents as well as products that have been used to assist people in need of shelter in disaster relief areas across North America. 

Prospector tents from Capital Canvas are built with the Canadian climate as well as the range of terrain our customers will be exploring in their canvas wall tent in mind.

Every Capital Canvas wall tent is made with the highest quality canvas.  10.10 oz Sunforger treated, marine grade, double fill canvas.  The treatment used on your canvas wall tent provides flame retardancy as well as protection from water, rot, mold and mildew.  Click here (make this link to our product care page) to see how to best protect your canvas wall tent.

The quality of your wall tent, which is Made in Canada, will serve you well for years and be part of many great adventures and cherished memories.

A canvas prospector tent in the woods with smoke billowing from its chimney.
A canvas prospector tent in the woods with smoke billowing from its chimney.

Sunforger Canvas

The canvas wall tent fabric used on every Capital Canvas wall tent meets or exceeds CPAI 84 Sect #7 for flame retardancy.

Sunforger canvas is a type of fabric that is specifically designed for outdoor and heavy-duty applications. It is known for its durability, water resistance, and resistance to mildew and UV rays. Sunforger canvas is commonly used in various industries, including camping, awnings, prospector tents, outdoor covers, and marine applications.

The Sunforger canvas is treated with a special combination of chemicals that enhance its performance and longevity. These treatments include a flame retardant, water repellent, and mildew resistant finish. The flame retardant treatment helps to reduce the risk of fire, making it suitable for applications where fire safety is a concern and allows it to be used in Canada with a stove jack to vent a wood stove.

One of the key features of Sunforger canvas is its ability to repel water. The fabric is treated with a water repellent finish, which causes water to bead up on the surface and roll off, rather than being absorbed into the fabric. This feature helps to keep the fabric dry and prevents it from becoming heavy and prone to mold and mildew growth.

In addition to its water resistance, Sunforger canvas is also resistant to UV rays. The fabric is treated with UV inhibitors that help to protect it from the damaging effects of prolonged exposure to the sun. This UV resistance ensures that the canvas retains its strength and color for an extended period, even when used outdoors.

Overall, Sunforger canvas is a popular choice for applications that require durable and weather-resistant fabric. Its combination of water resistance, flame retardancy, mildew resistance, and UV protection make it well-suited for outdoor use in a wide range of industries.