Tent Care

Taking proper care of your Capital Canvas wall tent will add years of use to your tent. Caring for your walltent includes setting it up properly, clear of any possibly sharp edges or branches that may smash into if the weather turns sour. Consider how well sheltered from the wind and other elements your tent is set up in and if the wind is an issue find ways to give it some shelter from the wind if possible and also give it some solid places to tie it down so your tent doesn’t become a giant kite. Below are a few tips from the Capital Canvas shop that you may find useful in caring for and maintaining your Capital Canvas wall tent.

DRY the TENT – never store a damp or wet canvas tent. Air it out before you pack it away prevents mildew from getting into the fibers of your tent.

MILDEW – if you do find that your canvas wall tent has some mildew try mixing in a cup of bleach into about 10 liters ofwater and wash the affected area (do not wash your entire tent with this mixture, just the mildew), rinse the bleach mix off thoroughly and drybefore storing.

CLEANING – you can clean your tent fairly easily. Use a soft brush or broom to get off any dirt. Use mild detergents or cleaners to give your tent a general cleaning. Things like tree sap and other difficult to remove grime may require a bit of extra scrubbing to get off your tent. Things with sharp edges or that can possibly snag into your tent, like scouring pads or wire brushes should not be used to scrub out problem areas on your tent. Once your tent is cleaned, be sure to let it thoroughly dry out before putting back into storage.

STORAGE – make sure your wall tent is DRY before storing. The zippers should be open when storing your tent and any Velcro flaps should be closed. Storing your wall tent in the bags Capital Canvas provides with your canvas wall tent is always best. If your bag has some damage on it you should try to repair or replace the bag. Keeping the tent out of the elements in storage is best and that includes using something that will keep the elements, bugs and other problems that may damage your wall tent out.

MAINTANENCE – canvas wall tents are fairly low maintenance if you look after them and store them properly. The canvas in your wall tent is pre-shrunk, but there is still some potential shrinkage over time with a canvas wall tent. This shrinkage can cause extra strain on the zipper for your tent if you’re using a steel or aluminum internal frame. The easiest way to prevent wrecking the zipper is to trim the roof trusses a couple inches if you notice the zipper getting a big tougher to close or the tent fitting a bit too snug on the frame. Using a rain fly or tarp on your tent helps keep UV rays from deteriorating the canvas and if you’re in snowy conditions it usually helps keep the snow load down as the snow slides off the tent easier with a fly or tarp on it.